What are some of the benefits of a reverse mortgage?

  • Strengthen your personal and financial independence.
  • No Income Requirements: The homeowner does not need to be working and is not qualified based on income.
  • You can never lose your home in foreclosure as long as you live in the home as your primary residence.The loan is only paid off when the house is sold by you or your heirs, or all borrowers move out of the house.
  • Keep your Medicare or Social Security benefits.
  • Use it as a credit line and draw upon it as needed.
  • Get all your cash right away.
  • Get the best of both—get cash now and have a balance in reserve to use as a credit line.

Common Uses of a Reverse Mortgage

  • Hospital and Health Care costs. The biggest potential burden to Seniors can be offset with funds from a Reverse Mortgage
  • Eliminate current mortgage payment burdens
  • Home Improvements or Repair. You can use the funds to turn your home into the dream home you always wanted.
  • Reduce burden on children. If your children are helping support you, you can relieve them of the burden with a Reverse Mortgage
  • Gifts to heirs. You can help your children buy their first home, or send a grandchild to college
  • Peace of Mind. A Reverse Line of Credit can be used for any future emergencies

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